7 Amazing Cricket Records By Cricketer


Difficulties and obstacles are imperative part of any sportsperson’s life. What’s more, the life of cricketers is absolutely the same. Every cricketer loves facing Challenge. Players like to attempt their hand out at the unusual’s, this era of cricketers are not simply players who turn out bat and bowl however know precisely what they have to do to keep themselves and the adherents live and invigorated.

Today, we have this extraordinary rundown which incorporates gathering of Challenges taken up by cricketers which is other than standard cricket and Present you  List of 7 Amazing Cricket Records By Cricketer.

Let’s have a glance at the 7 Amazing Cricket Records By Cricketer.

6MCC Women taking on the Lord’s catching challenge:

Lord’s catching challenge is an unique dare where you have to catch as many balls as you can without putting any of them down.the Challenge is For Celebrities, cricketers and the Public to take part actively and catch as many balls as you can without putting them down. This time around MCC Women which likewise included previous England cricketer Claire Taylor tackled the test at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire. The First Women from MCC attempted her hand at it and took 7 Consecutive Catches and after that it was the turn of the star fascination Taylor who went to the gathering and clutched 12 Catches which at a point appeared to be the most astounding however it wasn’t the situation as the last catcher was astute and with her splendid procedure she took upwards of 14 gets.


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