IPL 2017 is in Trouble Says Report Big consequence for BCCI


Ipl 2017The BCCI facing big consequence to host the Indian Premier League(Ipl) 2017. The on going battle between Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators(CoA) and the State associations.

To host the Ipl per game the amount is needed of 60 Lakh. In that total amount the half of the amount 30 lakhs came from BCCI and rest from IPL franchise. The money is used on the games, practice, floodlights, ground maintenance, ground staff and many more expenses that should be paid off. Usually BCCI  pays in advance to participating cricket association to start the game. But the Supreme court order restrict BCCI to release funds to state association unless they adopts Lodha Commission reforms.

As a result, State Commission has declared they cannot bear such huge amount of expenses.The Supreme Court has granted relief, stating that payment could be made to state associations specifically for hosting the matches. Some of the state associations have stated unless they get funds from BCCI and the franchise they unable to stage the event of IPL.

“Supreme Court will step into release he funds require to arrange the games at other venues” BCCI current members believes.

BCCI Officials stated that “If they even think of touching the IPL, it’ll be a disaster. Consider this: Even for the sake of an argument, if the 2017 IPL is not held, BCCI will incur losses in excess of Rs 2500 crore. It’ll be bankrupt,”


This is the saddest news for every cricket fan as Indian Premier League is the Biggest Tournament of Cricketing World, and the bankruptcy of the richest cricket board in the world, The BCCI and IPL 2017, the event if get cancelled it will be big shame for the Indian Cricket.


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