Indian Premier League Started In Apr 18, 2008(1st match) Since Then Every Year The Festival Of India IPL Comes In Around April-march.Having Included 2 New IPL Teams In This Year It Will Be Double Entertainment For Cricket Lovers.

IPL 2016 Teams – 

Despite Of Adding Two New Teams In This Year IPL Their Will Be Only 8 Teams.As Their Is Suspension Of Two Year Exist On Well Known And Quality Team Chennai Super Kings And Rajasthan Royals.Below Is The List Of IPL Teams Of 2016.

  1. Mumbai Indians 
  2. Kings XI Punjab
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders
  4. Delhi Derdevils
  5. Royal Challengers Bangalore 
  6. Sun Risers Hyderabad 
  7. The Gujarat Lions
  8. Rising Pune SuperGiants 


Mumbai Wankhede Stadium To Host The First Match Between Mumbai And New Team Pune on 9 april. Also Final Will Be host By Mumbai On 29th May.

DateTime VenueMatch
9 Apr’168 P.mMumbaiMumbai Indians VS Rising Pune Supergiants
10 Apr’168 P.mKolkataKolkata Knight Riders VS Delhi Daredevils
11 Apr’168 P.mMohaliKings XI Punjab VS Gujarat Lions
12 Apr’168 P.mBengaluruRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
13 Apr’168 P.mKolkataKolkata Knight Riders VS Mumbai Indians
14 Apr’168 P.mRajkotGujarat Lions VS Rising Pune Supergiants
15 Apr’168 P.mDelhiDelhi Daredevils VS Kings XI Punjab
16 Apr’164 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Kolkata Knight Riders
16 Apr’168 P.mMumbaiMumbai Indians VS Gujarat Lions
17 Apr’164 P.mMohaliKings XI Punjab VS Rising Pune Supergiants
17 Apr’168 P.mBengaluruRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Delhi Daredevils
18 Apr’168 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Mumbai Indians
19 Apr’168 P.mMohaliKings XI Punjab VS Kolkata Knight Riders
20 Apr’168 P.mMumbaiMumbai Indians VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
21 Apr’168 P.mRajkotGujarat Lions VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
22 Apr’168 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
23 Apr’164 P.mDelhiDelhi Daredevils VS Mumbai Indians
23 Apr’168 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Kings XI Punjab
24 Apr’164 P.mRajkotGujarat Lions VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
24 Apr’168 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Kolkata Knight Riders
25 Apr’168 P.mMohaliKings XI Punjab VS Mumbai Indians
26 Apr’168 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Rising Pune Supergiants
27 Apr’168 P.mDelhiDelhi Daredevils VS Gujarat Lions
28 Apr’168 P.mMumbaiMumbai Indians VS Kolkata Knight Riders
29 Apr’168 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Gujarat Lions
30 Apr’164 P.mDelhiDelhi Daredevils VS Kolkata Knight Riders
30 Apr’168 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
1 May’164 P.mRajkotKings XI Punjab VS Gujarat Lions
1 May’168 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Mumbai Indians
2 May’168 P.mBengaluruRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Kolkata Knight Riders
3 May’168 P.mRajkotDelhi Daredevils VS Gujarat Lions
4 May’168 P.mKolkataKings XI Punjab VS Kolkata Knight Riders
5 May’168 P.mDelhiDelhi Daredevils VS Rising Pune Supergiants
6 May’168 P.mHyderebadGujarat Lions VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
7 May’164 P.mBengaluruRising Pune Supergiants VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
7 May’168 P.mNagpurKings XI Punjab VS Delhi Daredevils
8 May’164 P.mMumbaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Mumbai Indians
8 May’168 P.mKolkataGujarat Lions VS Kolkata Knight Riders
9 May’168 P.mNagpurKings XI Punjab VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
10 May’168 P.mPuneSunrisers Hyderabad VS Rising Pune Supergiants
11 May’168 P.mBengaluruMumbai Indians VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
12 May’168 P.mHyderebadSunrisers Hyderabad VS Delhi Daredevils
13 May’168 P.mMumbaiMumbai Indians VS Kings XI Punjab
14 May’164 P.mBengaluruRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Gujarat Lions
14 May’168 P.mKolkataRising Pune Supergiants VS Kolkata Knight Riders
15 May’164 P.mMumbaiDelhi Daredevils VS  Mumbai Indians
15 May’168 P.mNagpurKings XI Punjab VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
16 May’168 P.mKolkataRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Kolkata Knight Riders
17 May’168 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Delhi Daredevils
18 May’168 P.mBengaluruKings XI Punjab VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
19 May’168 P.mTBCKolkata Knight Riders VS Gujarat Lions
20 May’168 P.mRaipurDelhi Daredevils VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
21 May’164 P.mPuneRising Pune Supergiants VS Kings XI Punjab
21 May’168 P.mTBCGujarat Lions VS Mumbai Indians
22 May’164 P.mKolkataKolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
22 May’168 P.mRaipurDelhi Daredevils VS Royal Challengers Bangalore




24 May’168 P.mBengaluruQualifier 1
25 May’168 P.mPuneEliminator
27 May’168 P.mPuneQualifier 2
29 May’168 P.mMumbaiFinal


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