Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladesh player the Talented Wicket Keeper Batsman is an energizing ability. Not too enormous in stature, the Bangladeshi cricketer has gotten the eyes of the whole team with his energetic tricks, stunning batsmanship and magnificent glove work behind the stumps. Having been connected with the Bangladesh side for quite a while, Mushfiqur has seen the renaissance of Bangladesh cricket. He has additionally been a noteworthy part of the side that has been dragged directly through the dull days of Bangladeshi cricket to at last see the light of day.

Every Indian Were Feels Bad About Rahim’s Infamous Tweet For India that went viral on Social media in Very Few Hours and All Indian Cricket Fan Were Upset With His Taunt For India. It was an embarrassing situation for the Indians and Every True Cricket Fan. The tweet read: “Happiness is this..!!!!! Hahahahahaha…!!!!!.” Moreover, the tweet was Posted with a selfie of Mushfiqur Rahim posing in front of his television screen.

This infamous incident triggered an outpour on the popular social media handle. At the receiving end was Mushfiqur Rahim. Rahim was Getting the brunt of criticisms For posting the Taunt for Indian Team from all over the world. The circumstance was leaving hand by the second. Be that as it may, a couple of minutes after the fact, Mushfiqur Rahim tweeted what appeared to be a withdrawal of sorts. The new tweet Posted by Mushfiqur Rahim read: “Sorry to all of you guys…as I am a big West Indies supporter but anyway sorry again for some harsh words…!!!!”

However, After Few Minutes he realize that such behavior was not good For an International Cricketer.

Tweet By Rahim which he deleted Later:

Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushiqur Rahim tweet

After Rahim Realise that the Words he Said Its NOT good For his International Career and Cricketing Spirit he hurts many of cricket fans and Apologized for his comments.



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