CM Chashak 2018 Cricket Tournament Rules

CM Chashak 2018 Cricket Tournaments Rules

CM Chashak is a mega sporting and cultural event which will be organized between 30th October and 12th January at 300+ locations in Maharashtra. Here is A official Announcement Of CM Chashak and CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis at the inauguration of CM Chashak by BJYM Maharashtra.


Now let’s Check The CM Chashak 2018 Cricket Tournament Rules.

Number of playing members – 11

Number of extra players – 01

  • Each person can register a team of up to 12 players. The person registering the team will be the captain and all communication related to the event be done with the captain only.
  • The game will be played by a tennis ball.
  • Each innings will consist of up to 10 overs.
  • The players will have to bring their own Cricket Bat.
Other Tournament Cricketing Rules Are As Below :
  • The game will be played with a tennis ball.
  • Each innings consist of 10 overs and 2 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 3 overs and two bowlers can bowl 2 overs.
  • Only 5 fielders can field on the leg side at any point of time (bowler & keeper are not considered as a fielder in this regard)
  • Byes, leg byes and over throws are applicable in this tournament. But LBW is not applicable
  • No ball and Wide will be penalized according to tennis ball cricket rules. One run and an extra ball will be awarded for a no ball and a wide ball. Free hit for overstepping the bowling line.
  • Umpires reserve every right to declare a no ball with or without warning, if any bowler delivers under arm or throw ball.
  • No bowler can bowl immediately after coming off the field after substitution. He will be fit only after taking the field for next over.
  • Batting and keeping pads are not allowed in the tournament. However, batting and keeping gloves can be used.
  • Transfer of players between teams is not allowed. If notified, the team will be disqualified from the tournament without any prior notice.
  • Captain will be the interacting person with the organizing committee he will be the interacting person with umpires on the field.
  • Toss will be held 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. If any team fails to reach in scheduled time, the toss will go in favour of the opposite team and late reporting team will lose one over in every ten minutes each and they will be disqualified after 30 minutes.
  • After the toss, the fielding team should set the fielding positions immediately to avoid any delay to begin the match. Batsmen will come to the crease only after the field arrangement.
  • Each captain should nominate his playing XI before the toss. No player can be changed after the nomination without the consent of the opposing captain.
  • Substitute runners are not allowed unless a batsman gets injured in the field during a particular match and the role of a substitute will be fielding only.
  • Umpire’s decisions will be final throughout the tournament. Any sort of misconducts by any players will result in direct suspension.
  • If any match ends in draw, the winner will be adjudged by super over.
  • If super over is tie the winner will be a team that has scored the most boundaries (6+4) in the match (main match + super over).




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