The Big Bash CricChanakya Contest

cricChanakya Big Bash League Contest

Are you exciting for the Big Bash League??? Here we brings you Big Bash League Contest presented by CricChanakya.

It’s a win-win contest for every Cricket fans.

Shikhar– “There’s a new fantasy sports app in the market. Did you try it?”

Rohit– “No bro. I am bored by the same old boring format, I don’t feel like playing it anymore.”

Like Rohit, are you also bored of the same old 11 player format? Are you looking for a more exciting and more challenging fantasy cricket app that helps you test your brains while earning you money and respect?

CricChanakya is the answer.

The Contest is free and you can win a lot of exciting prizes as a Cricket fans. What you have to do is just follow few simple steps below and get a exciting prizes. The top 3 winners can stand to a chance to win personalized CricChanakya Merchandise.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Click on the button to visit the contest page. Click here
  2. Add your Name and mobile number to qualify for the contest.
  3. Select the Winner of Big Bash League, Runner-up, Best Batsmen, Best Bowler and Man of the series from the list or add valuable answer in others.
  4. Submit your answers before 25th Of December.

How to know if you are win:

  1. On selecting every right winners you will get points, the points distribution you can see in the rules at the end and also on contest page.
  2. At the end of the tournaments CricChanakya will announce the winner on their social media page and you will also get updated list of participants on our post at the end of contest.
  3. In case of tie the winner will be selected by randomly that will be held on facebook live on CricChanakya official page.

Stay tuned for the future updates for the same and win the exciting prizes.

For any queries you can ask directly to their facebook page.

India breathes cricket. It is the legacy passed onto Indians by their forefathers. It is the game of the cult, the community, the village, the region, the state and the country as a whole. Cricket is the only religion that unites an otherwise multi-religious India.

Here we bring an opportunity for the Indian cricket fans who revere Chanakya for his strategic acumen and Kapil Dev for his first-ever World Cup victory in the nation’s most loved game. Cricket is not only a game of scoring runs or taking wickets. It is a game of skills, strategy, sharpness, tactics, planning, management and all other activities that challenge your brain.  On this platform, you can put your cricketing brains to test and prove yourself as the Chanakya of the game you love the most.

You would be able to select your own virtual teams, take home real prize money and be the Chanakya of the game you love the most.

CricChanakya will be offering multiple categories, transparency and social recognition to its users.

CricChanakya- skills over dreams.

As the Big Bash League is just about to start CricChanakya has organized a contest for cricfans, where you can participate from free and win exciting prize and Paytm Cash.

Check out the Official video of CricChanakya:

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Below are the rules of the contest:

1. Every participant will have to a select a winning team, a runner up, a batsman, a bowler, and a man of the tournament.
2. On selecting the right winning team the participant will get 200 Points.
3. On selecting the right runner-up team the participant will get 200 Points.
4. On selecting the right top batsman the participant will get 300 Points.
5. On selecting the right top bowler the participant will get 200 Points.
6. On selecting the right man of the tournament the participant will get 400 Points.
7. Total points will be calculated at the end of the tournament.
8. Top three participants with most points will win CricChanakya Merchandise.
9. In case of a tie, the winner will be announced via a lucky draw which will be held live on Facebook.
10. Participation in the contest is completely free.
11. The contest can be played on all our Social Media Accounts at @cricchanakya.
12. CricChanakya reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions of the contest.


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