Variya Samaj Cricket Tournament 2018

Variya Samaj Cricket Tournament Winner

The Variya Samaj Cricket Tournament 2018 that ended last week was a thrilling festival for the Variya Samaj cricket lovers. The game was played between Six of the best teams from the samaj i.e. Kandivali A, Kandivali B, Dombivali A, Dombivali B, Andheri And Kalyan 11. The tournament was so amazingly played that it kept the game watchers all hooked throughout the Day. 9 matches were played among different teams and the team that came out as a winner was Kandivali A.

The final match was between Dombivali A vs Kandivali A. Both the teams were a tough fight for each other. It was hard to count on one team to win the tournament.
However, the toss went off and Dombivali’s skipper won the toss, choosing to bat first! It was indeed a good call, however, it wasn’t their day! Dombivali struggled to score 32 runs in 6 overs.

As soon as Kandivali started playing, their scorecard took off a high fly with 33 runs in just 2.2 overs, let alone, without the loss of a wicket. Of course, the second inning was just a formality. Kandivali A won the Big Final match smoothly by 10 wickets!

Here’s a quick round-up about the details from Variya Samaj Cricket Tournament 2018.

Arjun Prajapati

Best batsman: Arjun Prajapati (165 Runs)

Arjun Prajapati is Also called Mr. Cricket basically because of his sheer knowledge about the game and his flawless technique. Arjun Prajapati displayed his flair in a classic style. He scored a fabulous total of 165 runs throughout the tournament. Even, in the last match, he showcased his magical touch to have scooped the title of Best Batsman.

Arjun Prajapati kandivali

Best bowler/Man Of the series: Arjun Prajapati (165 Runs & 7 Wickets)

Call it Best bowler, Best batsman, Best all-rounder or Man of the series, the ground screamed just one name and it was Arjun Prajapati! Such brilliant show of gifted talent that he earned all the accolades to himself! He took 7 wickets & Scored Valuable 165 Runs and hence, won the tag of Man of the series. We are sure this guy loves tournament cricket with the way he has performed. Sure, the locals as well as we all are looking forward to watching him in the next game!

Money was no object for Variya Samaj Cricket Tournament gamers! The game was played purely to entertain the game lovers as well as to hunt down great talent among the locals. and Build Friendly Relation Between Inter cast Family members With the way, the people have come together to enjoy the tournament made it clear that the purpose was served!

Here is a quick peek into the game’s best moments

Photo of the Day

Picture Credit (Shreyash Mohite)

Missed this tournament? Or waiting eagerly to check when is the next one? Well, here it is! The awaited Fest-O-Cup begins from 23rd Feb! Don’t miss it!


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